Many of us have them, boxes under the bed and in cupboards full of slides we once proudly presented in a slide show, the darkened room, the projector, the screen you never quite knew where to store now they sit forgotten. Bring them back to live by converting to digital images. Once you have the file you can view it in your device of choice, have prints made to grace the wall or a photobook to share with friends. There are so many possibilities.

 MG 2285My own "under the bed" box is pictured here.

My scanner can work up to 128,000ppi so there is plenty of data for beautiful enlargements.

I would suggest getting a cheap viewer (yes you can still buy them) and going through your slides first, select the ones you really want then send them to me for scanning.


Do you have a packet of negatives but have lost the prints? I can also scan negatives to return your photographs to you. If you have negative strips Please DO NOT cut them, the holder is designed for complete strips where possible.

For how to get your slides and negatives to me see Getting Started



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